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She’s Just Like ME.

Again, it’s the political season and we are in for a nice little fight.  We hear a lot of buzzwords in this election and certain phrases that really kill me.  Obama is an ‘elitist,’ or so they say.  And that woman from Alaska, Sarah Palin is just like us.  She shops at WalMart, hunts, etc.  Like us.  

Wait, is that me?

Anyways, these dudes with nice wallets and condom yellow teeth are jazzed because they want to elect Palin into the Office because, dang it, she’s just like me!  (I heard that dude Glenn Beck and Chuck Norris talk about.  Norris is Conservative, fyi)

“The next kick won’t be so conservative!”  

Really?  That’s your basis for wanting someone elected?  

You don’t want someone like me as the President of the United States.  Seriously.

As far as I know, the “Bush Doctrine” is:  if there’s grass on the field…..

Maybe that would help my sweating problem if my pubes and body hair were on the outside of my clothes. Hmm?

I’t just plain silly.  

No one wants  a Vice/President who is just like them. Seriously.  

I want someone who is smarter than me.  There is a reason I will never get an electoral vote in my life.  I’m not capable, Ms. Palin, and neither are you.

Apparently neither of us know how to use a condom.