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Eat Your Greens, Eagle County.

Meet Joerg, a man who stands 1.72 meters, metric, and 5’8″ American. He does, however, want you to know that he is first and foremost, “Not American!” Solid. He also wants you to know that he is quite fond of ladies who are taller than him. But, he’s not, you know, all creepy about it. He just created a web-site dedicated to tall women. AND, he just so happens to collect photographs of tall women ranging from young to old. Again, normal. Some people collect baseball cards. They don’t have to defend themselves. Neither does Joerg. But, he offers this…

I do have a preference for taller women but I still believe it’s not a fetish but a genuine interest which includes caring for the woman and treating her accordingly (like a goddess / princess).

Go on…

I also remember liking a woman whose name was Petra, she was about 6’0″. Someone else who is important to me up to this day is 6’3″ Diana from Bavaria, Germany. There’s also Manuela (6’6 1/2″), Kira (6’4 1/2″), Kerstin (6’2″), Sandra (6’2″), Slavka (6’1″) and Sylvana (5’11”). These are all German friends of mine.

So we’re going to start name dropping, are we? Well, Joerg, have you ever heard of a young lady named De-Fen Yao? Oh, you have an entire page dedicated the 7’7″ sexpot from China? Well, let’s meet De-Fen Yao.

Here she is shooting blow darts at sick folks in the hospital…


Here is De-Fen not being ridiculed by some lady sitting next to her…


And here she is posting up a 6’8″ power forward for the Tar Heels of Carolina…


What does Joerg think of De-Fen Yao. Meh, she’s alright. Meet Kathy, though. She is most definitely Joerg’s favorite person of all-time! What makes her so great?

Kathy is not only a gifted writer, she is also a very talented singer (she dearly loves her Karaoke sessions at the weekend) and she started learning to play the piano. Kathy also plays golf and is a “Database Dame”. She loves to organise things! There’s almost nothing this multitasking woman can’t do, it seems!

Give me a moment while I organise (sic) my thoughts here. Can I get a look see?


Nice, bro! You know what kind of tall women I like?


Yeah, one who irons. Keep ’em coming, Joerg.

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