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The Bitch Is Back.

Greetings from San Diego, CA.  While you’ve all been deciding whether or not you want to bang Sarah Palin — one of us (JC) most likely got her daughter pregnant! — we have been moving across this great big country.  

We’ve meet a lot of very nice people along the way…












And some not so friendly people….

We’ve made it from sea to shinning sea!  And guess what you smug bastards??

This Blog is back!  Let freedom reign you mother fuckers!

Sorry, for the swear word…

Really?  A MILF?

Maybe a PILF!  Person I’d Like (to) Forget!  

Oh shit!  I’m politicin’!  I’m kidding.  I don’t vote, so let’s be friends.  

You know what else I’d like to PILF?


Let’s get some atoms up in dis bitch!  

The blog is back, Sepultura is back, and so are you.  Let FREEDOM REIGN!!!

I know who he’s voting for!

.el sway