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Bring It Home, Mets. is going to the Mets game tonight.

Bring it home.

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3rd of July.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July.  You know what that means?

Time to shoot fireworks off your dick.

God Bless America.

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To Do This Weekend.


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note: I stand corrected. Your weekend should go like this…

shred on, youngblood.

The Jazz June.

Yikes! Not the best week to be on the road.

Hartford Hit and Run!

So, these people just stood around and did nothing?

Remember when Seinfeld did that?

Now I feel better.

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More YouTube Magic Johnson!

I’m not sure if this is funny – but I am laughing, soooo…

A lot of people seem to be upset by this video, but I can’t get enough of the “fight scene” and the “Mr. Roboto” lawnmower ride.

what a putrid piece of shit.
well that was 1 minute and 46 seconds of my life i won’t get back = O
But, SigSig sheds a little light on why this video is supposed to be funny…
Yeah…that’s exactly how asians cut grass.
The Internet is a fascinating place.
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Monday YouTube Magic Johnson

So, this is a “music video” that I was a part of with two other sketch comedians. You decide for yourself.

So, there it is.

The best part of filming this was that there was this drunk girl who was so into herself that she stripped down to her panties to get “face” time in the video and, well, was NOWHERE to be seen in the final edit! Yay!

I showed my penis and got 7 seconds of face time, sweetie! There really is no glass ceiling for men in comedy.

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Boy Meets Mom’s Face.

Check this kid out. Make sure you get to at least the 2-minute mark.

While I was watching this video I was thinking – “this kid is for real! I love him!”

Then he started crying and I thought – “puss!”

Then he slapped his mom in the face and won me over again! And when he said that he did it to get her attention; I lost it! “How does that make you feel!” He’s so cute that I’m dying just a little inside.

All those ranges of emotion. I think I need to give my mom a hug…

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