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Hoops Hype.

So, I have been busy…..blah….blah….

Anyways, here is a great video.  The real reason why Marcus Camby got traded for a 2nd Round Draft Pick.

Marcus!  You have been owned.

More.  Coming.

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For All Ya’ll Ears.

So, not to turn this into an NBA Draft web-site or anything, but I just wanted to note that I will be making an appearance on The Score, Wisconsin’s Sports Talk Radio station Thursday morning talking about the Draft.

I’m going on at 11:30 EST. Right after Mr. Dan Patrick. Excuuuuuse meeee.

You should totally listen. I think you can listen on-line. I’m sure I’ll post a copy of it if you can’t.

Yay Draft!

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Mock 2.

With the NBA Draft less than a week away, I’ve decided to update my Mock.


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In Arrears. The Lakers Arrears.

Congratulations to the 2008 Boston Celtics for killing destroying Mamba and the Lakers.

It was embarrassing!

There’s no other way to describe last night’s 131-92 obliteration of the Los Angeles Lakers. The Boston Celtics didn’t just earn their 17th banner, they wrapped it around the Lakers’ collective neck and choked them with it.

I love comedian Adam Wade’s post on the Celtics.  It’s….complete.

Congrats Boston and Steven Tyler.   You’ve earned it.

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Sweet And Dandy.

We took a much needed day off yesterday due to the fact that a number of the .com family was in Syracuse this weekend doing adult things.  We’re grown men, so we don’t mess around.

But, for the Hoops folks in town, check out this 2008 NBA Draft Mock I did for RotoExperts.


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Ja(son) Caffey.

I’m not sure what’s more shocking about this TMZ Report about former Chicago Bull Jason Caffey – that he has 10 kids with 8 different women (!) or that he actually made $35 million dollars in his last NBA contract??

Look at him go!!

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My half-assed post about my peepee this morning was due to the fact that I am overjoyed with tonight’s “Main Event”: The NBA Draft Lotto!

For those of you who like a good conspiracy..

The Knicks got Ewing!!! And they won 100 Zero championships with him. Hmmm? Maybe this was an anti-Knicks conspiracy theory.


Follow me here..

Ok, so David Stern made sure in 1985 that the Knicks got the first pick in the NBA Draft – 7-foot phenom Patrick Ewing.

Had Stern NOT rigged the Draft, the Knicks could have ended up with one of the following 6 players – Wayman Tisdale, Benoit Benjamin, Xavier McDaniel, John Koncak, Joe Kleine, or Chris Mullin.

Had Commissioner Stern not implemented the Draft Lottery in 1985 in order for the Knicks to “have a chance” to draft a Franchise Player in Ewing, the Knicks would have selected 3rd – possibly Wayman Tisdale or Benoit Benjamin or hometown hero Chris Mullin.

Now, the Knicks followed up the 84-85 season by finishing 195-86 with the worst record in the NBA. Still no lottery – the Knicks would have had the 1st pick in the Draft. They most likely would have drafted Brad Daughtery (w/o Ewing, of course). The Indiana Pacers had the seconds worst record and would have picked 2nd, sans lotterty, though could have possibly finished 1st in the draft in ’85 (coin toss with the Warriors), selected Ewing and finished better than the Cavs – who had the 3rd worst record.

Stay with me boss.

So, with the Cavs looking for a SF to play alongside World B. Free, Roy Hinson and Mel Turpin. Insert Lenny Bias.

Now, the Cavs would have loved to have LeBron James before Lebron James was actually born!  We always talk about legacy and all the speculation of Kobe wanting to go to Chicago to have his jersey number retired beside the all-time great, Michael Jordan.  It’s clear that one man can make a franchise.  Len Bias died on draft night, of course, but would it have meant more for the Cavs to have the “story” of Len Bias or for the Celtics to have shuffled him into a line of all-time greats?

I tend to think that the “idea” of Len Bias would have meant more to Cleveland than it already does to the Celtics.  Could LeBron could have been swayed to stay in as a memorial to the star that could have been?  Well, it might have been easier to convice LeBron to carry the torch, then ask him to light it.

Welcome to NYC, Mr. James!

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