Your Tyson Gay Update.

Hey I love this stuff! Every once in a while someone with a “funny” last name comes along and makes life a little more interesting. Meet America’s fastest man – Tyson Gay.

Well, this weekend Gay came up limp (pht!!) and strained his hamstring in the Olympic qualifiers. Sad.

This is terrible news for all Track and Field fans (?) and glorious news for all male college students out there. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you your Tyson Gay headline update!

“Gay MRI reveals mild strain…..” ESPN

“Gay’s family as focused as their fastest man”…

“Gay out for fortnight”….Yahoo!

“Leg cramp spoils Gay’s bid”…

“Gay predicts complete recovery”…

“Injury to Gay exposes fear.” St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“Gay to Olympic Committee: ‘Oh No You Didn’t!!!'”….NY Times

Hey, that was fun. And sure, maybe I made that last one up, but I did just get a handful of people interested in the Olympics. Cause I’m proud to be an American!

Happy Olympicing!

.el sway


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