Are You For Reeeaaal?

Check it out!

LONDON, England (CNN) — Britain’s Prince Charles has converted his 38-year-old Aston Martin to run on biofuel made from surplus wine, his office revealed Tuesday.

Prince Charles has gone Blanc!

Can he do that?

The car was a 21st birthday present from Queen Elizabeth, and the prince has converted it to run on 100 percent bioethanol as a way to reduce his carbon emissions, his office, Clarence House, said.

Man that is for real.

If I had a car I would not want it to run on wine.  I’ve seen those commercials where cars run on alcoholic beverages and it does not look pretty.

These teens know what I’m talking about!


Charles, 59, has a strong interest in environmental issues and rural affairs. He is active in environmental charities, and his food company, Duchy Originals, uses ingredients produced at his organic farm in Cornwall, southwestern England.

Wait, Duchy Originals?

Got it.

Well, I am sure I can add a joke in here about not taking advice on driving or fueling my car from teh Royal Family, but instead I will just get fueling advice from this Prince.

That bitch is fueled by Purple Rain… and STDs.

.el sway


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