We’ve Been Had.

A few weeks ago we linked to this HUGE news story about a lost tribe in the Amazon.   Well, guess what?  It was all a hoax!  Awesome!

I feel like my journalistic cutting and pasting integrity has taken a bit of a hit.  I apologize for not fact checking this story.

The story was made up by photographer Jose Carlos Meirelles.  Why did he make up the story?

To draw attention to the threat of logging.  What is logging?  Well our friends over at UrbanDictionary.com define it as:

When Russian ladies feel lonely, they do a massive shite, freeze it and at times of need, use it as a dildo, according to Manchipp.

Really?  That’s what you wanted to draw attention to?

Apparently this Tribe was discovered well over 100 years ago.  Nice.  Real nice.  Are you happy about this, Meirelles?

‘When I saw them painted red, I was satisfied, I was happy,’ he said.

Of course.  We were all pretty stoked about that.   In fact, I want to see that again!

Yeah!  It was well worth the lie.  I promise never to log again.

.el sway


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