I Call This Art.

Meet Bobbie Peachey.  She’s s self-proclaimed impassioned clip art creator.  Yes, this clip art…

Bobbie has covered Web clip art since 1997, creating a plethora specific indexes of clip art links and numorous topics of original Web clip art collections.

Really?  Covering clip art since 1997?

Well, it’s true.  And guess what?  Her new SUMMER CLIP ART IS OUT!

Let’s highlight.

Summer is fun!  Take your smarty pants computer fishing with you, since you’re father won’t go with you.

Really!  I mean it is summer after all!

This one will fit perfectly into that fiscal year ending PowerPoint presentation you’re putting together for your boss.

Been there.  Population: The Beach Boys.

I have spent the past 4 hours going through her long list of original clip art.  Fantastic!

This one might be my favorite:

Get off my lawn!

So, if you’re looking to spruce up your little blog or add a little umph to your PowerPoint presentation then let Ms. Peachey help you out.  She’s boss!

.el sway

[tip: staff writer Jake Golds]


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