Tuesdays With Jakey: Exercises in Failure #003

As always, we welcome back Jake Goldman to get you through your Tuesday afternoon.

Exercises in Failure #003

I am decidedly not a standup comedian.  So, I thought being “ironic” and telling bad jokes onstage would be HILARIOUS.  The crowd did not agree.  I thought, what if I told jokes that ended logically — how it would in the real world.

A ROBOT walks into a ROBOT bar and asks for a drink.  The bartender says, “Sure,” and serves the ROBOT a drink.  because it’s a robot bar.

A Rabbi, a Priest and a Buddhist Monk are all at a bus station.  They get on separate buses to separate destinations because they need to get home for the weekend– you know to get away from it all.

Knock Knock?
Who is there?
The Mailman.
The Mailman who?
The actual Mailman.  Here is your mail.
[door opens]
Thank you for delivering the mail.
Sure.  Bye.
[door closes.  they go on with their LIVES]

Audience: [crying]



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