Half Tonne Man.

Every girl’s crazy bout a half tonne man! ZZ!

Guess what? The fattest guy in the world in getting married!! Shazam!

This dude at one point weight 1,316 pounds, or 94 stone, or 55 Stone Brothers, or 25 Rolling Stones (w/ equipment), or 7.000 copies of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone on DVD, or 12 Stone Cold Steve Austins….

Through sheer determination and gumption the kid lost more than 500 pounds. On, get this, the Zone Diet!

NSFEnglish Speaking folks.

I love the way she says’ “taco” in this video. Racist.

Sweet ride! Pimp it!

I also love that his goal in life is to stand up. That one hits close to home. When I was a senior in College I also made it my mission to one day stand up. Then, well, the microwave caught on fire so I had to wait outside until the fire department put it out. A kick in the ass was all I needed.

Good luck Manny!

.el sway


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