Tuesdays With Jake – Exercise In Failure: #002

As always, your Tuesdays will be spent with Jake Goldman. He’d like you to think he’s a failure. So, please.

Exercises in Failure: #002

I have a lot of things I start but never finish: drawings, relationships, horse-grooming, other people’s lives and so on. A year ago, I set out to record a comedy CD. It would have been my second as I actually did once record a live standup CD. It is terrible. I wanted to record a sketch CD in a real, professional studio. Seven tracks were recorded, none of which have been mixed or edited. This because I think most of it is stupid. Here is a sample for you. It’s called the “Armless Sub,” and if it were actually on an album it’d have sound effects like punches instead of me punching my palm really close to the microphone.


Listen to the very end where I tell the engineer to stop the tape. I sound like I just want to quit life.



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