Welcome back.  Monday is here and so are you.

So, my favorite story this weekend – not associated with pink knees – was the story about that Hen that was living in a McDonald’s!  Get out of town!

For four months customers tried unsuccessfully to catch the brown hen using bait or bare hands. Last week, the fast fowl was finally captured after it settled in for the night right on top of the drive-through window box.

Wait, what?  The customers tried to catch him?  I suppose each and every person who works there could have made the argument – I don’t get paid enough to chase a chicken around this place.

Fair enough.

This story reminds me of that wily NYU student who lived in the library for 8 months.  For FREE!   It also reminds me of homeless people.  Who live wherever they want for x amount of years.  Also for free.

So this bird will definitely find itself on the menu, right CNN.com?

Lord no.

The bird won’t end up on the menu. It has been sent to live as a pet with other chickens at the home of a restaurant worker.

Great.  The bird was sent to live with a “restaurant worker?”  What are we talking here?  The home of a McDonald’s worker?

Looks pretty sweet!

.el sway


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