Boy Meets Mom’s Face.

Check this kid out. Make sure you get to at least the 2-minute mark.

While I was watching this video I was thinking – “this kid is for real! I love him!”

Then he started crying and I thought – “puss!”

Then he slapped his mom in the face and won me over again! And when he said that he did it to get her attention; I lost it! “How does that make you feel!” He’s so cute that I’m dying just a little inside.

All those ranges of emotion. I think I need to give my mom a hug…

.el sway


One response to “Boy Meets Mom’s Face.

  1. HA! I love the way Dr Phil comes in at the end. “Whohoa, whoa whoa… that is not even almost okay…”

    I almost wish there was more to the video, so I could see where he went with his explanation. ALMOST.

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