The Tim Show

Hello Blog Readers, Tim here, wow that was weird. This is my first time writing one of these things. I mean, I’ve posted a picture before, but I am so used to my non-verbal comfort level that all of these words are making me nauseous. It is my show THIS SATURDAY, MAY 31st at 11pm at the PIT and I am so excited that I am Taking It To The Next Level by writing real words, as opposed to my usual telegraphic speech.  Anyway, back to the show.  I have hand picked the music, the scenes, the unbelievably brilliant giveways, and the most perfect guests.

We have 2 Phenomenal Guests for the show!

The Hilarious Michael Solis…

Er. Michael Solis?

No, no, Michael Solis. Here he is…

No, really, Michael Solis…





There he is.

And our other awesome guest, the always hysterical Jess Cantrell…

Wait, wrong Cantrell. That is R&B Sensation Blu Cantrell. Below is Bluegrass Sensation Jes Cantrell (she drops one ‘s’ when she sings)

No, no. So wrong, but feels so right. Would the real Jess Cantrell please stand up?

Yes! She just realized she said yes to our show.

These ridiculously talented performers will be hosted by Lolabrigada…

And the whole show will be about me, Tim Girrbach…

Here we go again…

I don’t think so.

Really? How’s about…

On top of the world, but no. Here I am…


Meow. So come to the show and show your love.







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