Big News.

We’ve hired new writers!

For real. We now have weekly contributors who will be getting paid generously – I might add.

Tuesdays you’ll be spending a portion of the day with Phenomomom’s very own Steve Marcarelli. We are happy to have him here, since he is the funniest man we’ve ever lived with.

Wednesdays will be happy to have Mr. Jake Goldman writing about the wind beneath his wings. Let’s welcome him with open arms and a whole lotta sentimentality. Hey, let’s all go give him a hug at his Saturday night show at Rififi, bros.

Thursdays we are proud to announce will be the home of the world’s greatest blogger – Jon Corbin. He’s a math-musician and once, singlehandedly, closed down a Quiznos.

In their honor I give you all this classic youtube clip:

This should be fun!

.el sway


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