Tomorrow, You Will See

New York Governor David Paterson has granted rapper Slick Rick a full pardon for his role in the attempted murder of two men in 1991. Rumor has it that the sight-challenged Paterson granted the pardon after being told that Slick Rick wears an eyepatch and…

What? Not funny? Okay, fair enough. Well, how ’bout those Miley Cyrus pics…

What? This is isn’t audition to be a Jay Leno monologue writer?

Even fairer.

So, what is this then?

(some whispering occurs offstage)

Oh, right. It’s a promotional post on a sketch comedy blog no one has heard of for a group no one has heard of.

Most fair!

So, without further ado:

See Lolabrigada tomorrow night at the People’s Improv Theater!

Free packs of baseball cards to the first 25 guests, and a very special, highly-anticipated performance by the immensely talented and endlessly innovative Will Franken!

Well, all right! This sounds pretty good after all! How about I provide some more details in a deep voice, which, if it were text, would be bold-faced?

Lolabrigada and Will Franken — Saturday, May 24th

People’s Improv Theater (154 W. 29th Street, btw. 6th and 7th)



See you there! Well, unless you’re NY governor David Paterson, in which case you’ll “Sense my presence there!” or whatever it is that blind people do.

No, I can see my own way out. Thanks.


One response to “Tomorrow, You Will See

  1. David Paterson is just taking care of a homeboy!! What’s the big problem?

    In New Orleans, they have 250 murders per year. No one has been convicted in years. Let the rapper walk!!!

    “Slick Rick”, an attempted murderer, is cool. Hell, give him a “get out of jail” pass, man!! I be de governor now!!!!

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