I Shall Call You – The Moon.

Check out this “prom” dress.

She probably did not need to be taken out in handcuffs, though that is a pretty funny visual.

Cops: um, which one are we supposed to handcuff?

Principal: the one in the skimpy dress that has a “sass” look on her face!

Cops: ummm?

Cops: ummmm?

Cops: geesshh…ummm?

Cops: ummummmumm?

Cops: ok, it’s not them…

I hope that she was able to at least get laid on her prom night.

My favorite prom night story comes from our very own Ben Hill.  He actually had the balls to take a pack of Topps cards to the prom instead of his girlfriend.  He’s been writing bits for years!

Do her a solid, bro.

.el sway


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