To. Die. For.

Now that the news of our new RUN has been leaked, I bring you this…

Your Afternoon Puppy News.

NEW ORLEANS — A green puppy was born last week in New Orleans.

Spectacular.  Here’s the proof –

Yeah, that’s a green puppy America.

“It’s surprising, alarming to see,” Louisiana SPCA CEO Anna Zorrilla said. “Sometimes, when a puppy is born, the amniotic fluid mixes with the placenta and dyes the coat of the puppy and it almost always happens to very light colored puppies.”

Sounds gross!

Zorrilla said the puppy will not be green forever…

No, he will eventually turn into a Detective.

I was thinking that it would be really awesome having a “Green” dog, but that was until I saw this (below) and realized I wanted a camouflage dog.  Pretty awesome!  Right?

I gotta get me one of those!

.el sway


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