The Run Is Here.

This Saturday, at 11:00pm, we start our new run – “Taking It To The Next Level” – at the PIT.

Each week one of us will be picking the sketches, music, guests, and show giveaways.

This week – May 10th – your host will be Jennifer Dodd.

” 🙂 ”


Her “special” guest will be Jake Goldman!

Jake hosts a weekly show at Rififi on Saturday nights at 8pm called “Barrett and Goldman Presents.”

I asked Jake to comment on this weeks Lolabrigada show. He said…


As you can see he is bound to be hilarious. Please come by and watch as Jenn Dodd leads you in a comedic journey of disbelief and adorableness.

Thanks TODD!



Upcoming weeks:
May 17th 11PM @ The PIT: The Tom Lorenzo show! With special guests Barehand Wolf Chokers!
May 24th 11PM @ The PIT: The Ben Hill show! With special guest Will Franken!
May 31st 11PM @ The PIT: The Tim Girrbach show! With Special Guests Walker and Cantrell

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