Love Gun.

So, I was going to write about my relationship with my brother as he is getting married in two weeks we are playing each other in our fantasy baseball league, but I figured this would be more appropriate for the kind of readers who check out this blog daily.

Love Bugz!

Yeah, no, it’s not that cute.  It’s a web-site dedicated to a bunch of guys and dolls who are into bed bugs, lice, crabs, chinchies, love lice, etc.

Check it out:

Q. Why are lovelice such a turn on?

It’s so wrong in a right way. I just can’t explain how erotic it is.
It makes you feel like you’re different but in a good way.

Like line dancing?

Q. How can I get some?

You are what we call a bug chaser. You want the gift. The best way to get bred is the all natural route. Ask around till you find someone who’s got ’em. Then, you know what to do. Just make sure you grind a lot and hold it all the way in for a while afterwards.

I don’t see nothin’ wrong with that.

Q. I shave myself down there. Is that a problem?
Well, yeah it is. They gotta have someplace to live.

Dumb question, right?

Well, yeah it is.

I love the tone of that answer even though I’m only reading it.

Well, yeah it is.

God, you’re a beautiful sentence.

Warning:  Do not talk shit about this lifestyle or you will get an Internet smackdown!


That was loud!

This is soft…

“When he plunged all the way in, pubis to pubis, I could feel his tiny lovers crawl from his body to mine. It was the most erotic experience of my life!

A week later, whenever I scratched, I could only think of him and this lasting momento of our encounter. Our bodies are now linked in a deeply spiritual and biological way. I can barely stop touching myself and thinking of him.”

David Archuleta?

I know, right?

This is pretty silly.  I already talked about my love for bees but I am not sure that I want them to nest in my pubic region.  I wrote a poem about it…

Bees, don’t live ion my pubis please / Bees you can has the back of my knees, please / Bees you follow the comedy rule of threes / Bees have you seen my house keys.

So, who wants to grind?

.el sway


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