Well That’s Good News.

This would totally be cool if I was born a 23-year old and this was my mom…

But, that’s not the case.

Apparently, breast milk actually helps boost a child’s IQ. Seriously.

They found that those who breastfed exclusively for the first three months – with many also continuing to 12 months – scored an average of 5.9 points higher on IQ tests in childhood.

That makes sense. I know someone who was breastfed until he was 17 years old and he is totally building web-sites for a living!

Here it is in scientific terms:

Fatty acids found in breast milk are thought to boost intelligence, but the report said the physical and emotional aspect of breastfeeding may lead to permanent changes to brain development.

I guess that’s not really scientific.

Future Law Enforcement Officers.


This may explain everything:


Here’s an idea: we replace PWNED! with “NOT BREAST FED!”



Yeah, it works!

.el sway


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