Me So Hungry.

You don’t say! That’s….Penis?

Check it out! There is a restaurant in Beijing that serves PENIS!

Did I just help suppress your appetite or what? You’re welcome!

So what do they offer, exactly?

Donkey penis served on a bed of lettuce: For Chinese guests, eating the sexual organs is not a test of courage, but rather a treatment for the libido.

Certainly. If they wanted to do something courageous they would do this…

Courage has a middle name and it’s “Hilarious!”

What else can you get at this restaurant, Tom?

“Henry’s whip” is the house speciality at Beijing’s Guolizhuang restaurant. It’s a sheep’s penis on a stick covered in mayonnaise, sweet cheese, served on a bed of lettuce.

They call it “Henry’s whip” because of the sweet cheese.

I made that up.

Doesn’t look painful to eat at all. My favorite quote in the article was…

“Chinese eat anything with four legs, except tables. And everything that flies, except airplanes,” says Zhaoran, quoting a well-known Chinese saying.


One fun fact:

“Dogs are the only animals that have a penis bone,” Lucy explains to the guests, pointing out the little groove on the side for the urethra.

You don’t say.  Good for you guys!

At the end of the meal, Lucy hands over a little red box with ribbons on it. The dog penis bone is inside. It’s a souvenir, she says, and is supposed to bring luck and protect the holder against “harmful influences.”

Yeah, about that…

Here’s a fun game to play: take the quote out of context!!

Bros, show this to your lady.

Penises, on the other hand, are completely harmless, and in fact are even “good for the skin,” she says.

You don’t say….

.el sway


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