No More Drama.

Hey, remember that post I did last week about ScarJo? Yeah, well, she has a video out now!

The folks over at Gawker have the video!!

It’s also so there can be a music video in which we, her many fans, get to follow Johansson around during one of her trying days, be all impressed as she hangs out with smarty pants writer Salman Rushdie and sympathize as makeup is painstakingly applied to her face and her hair curled. We also stalk Johansson as she jets off on an airplane and then, upon landing, washes her face. She also gets flowers from fans and shuttled around in the back of an SUV.

Life is so hard, baby.

Who is going to listen to this? (I’m asking myself). Who?

Suze Rotolo?

Probably not, she’s too busy “telling all.”

It’s a biter morning, so bear with me (rawr!).

.el sway


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