Hey Baby, What Are Your Stats?

Here is proof that aliens do exist. In the past two days we’ve had visitors from the following “countries.” Notice the 15 visitors from worlds “unknown.” Greetings, bitches.

Num Perc. Country Name
drill down 346 79.91% United States United States
drill down 15 3.46% Unknown
drill down 14 3.23% Canada Canada
drill down 8 1.85% Australia Australia
drill down 6 1.39% Switzerland Switzerland
drill down 6 1.39% Germany Germany
drill down 3 0.69% United Kingdom United Kingdom
drill down 3 0.69% Spain Spain
drill down 3 0.69% India India
drill down 3 0.69% Poland Poland
drill down 3 0.69% Denmark Denmark
drill down 2 0.46% Brazil Brazil
drill down 2 0.46% Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
drill down 2 0.46% Mexico Mexico
drill down 2 0.46% Iran, Islamic Republic Of Iran, Islamic Republic Of
drill down 2 0.46% Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
drill down 2 0.46% France France
drill down 1 0.23% United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
drill down 1 0.23% Malaysia Malaysia
drill down 1 0.23% South Africa South Africa
drill down 1 0.23% Netherlands Netherlands
drill down 1 0.23% Ukraine Ukraine
drill down 1 0.23% Bosnia And Herzegovina Bosnia And Herzegovina
drill down 1 0.23% Sweden Sweden
drill down 1 0.23% Romania Romania
drill down 1 0.23% Uganda Uganda
drill down 1 0.23% New Zealand New Zealand
drill down 1 0.23% Indonesia Indonesia

To our friends from Malaysia, “wasssup!” And Puerto Rico, “Hooooo!”

Listen, alien friends, please note that this guy reads our blog. So, please be kind in the comment sections. Thank you all for reading our blog, or, “ありがとう” for my Japanese friends (i.e. Adam Wade).

Maybe one day when I’m not writing about fantasies I will tell you what I like about each of the countries that have come to visit our site. For example:

South Africa – I like that you have eleven official languages.

I have one official language: avitar emoticon – 😛



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