Per Our Last Penis Conversation.

So, this is funny.  At my work this fax came in to “no one’s attention.”  It was from a dude named “Tod” and it was in regards to “our last conversation.”  Pretty basic.

The best part was in the comment section that read, “sorry, my cell battery went on me.”

Yeah, I bet it did.

Where’s the joke, Tom?

Well the fax continued to talk about these pills that “work better than Viagra!  And bros, you totally don’t need a prescription.  Just go to the web-site called and get it!  They’re giving out free samples!




My favorite part was that this fax came into my office, addressed to no one, made to look like someone was finishing off a phone conversation, AND it was put on my desk.  Like, “Oh, this is something Tom would be on the phone talking about.  I should just leave it on his desk.”

Yeah, right up my alley.

I got the samples, needless to say, and I am sooo ready 4 her.  More ready now that ever.  I’ll let you all know if my P pops.  Then you can all get on this free once in a lifetime offer as well.

.el sway


One response to “Per Our Last Penis Conversation.

  1. That last picture looks sort of familiar to me. Ha ha.

    If you want a good laugh, check out the comments section in my blog post where you got that pic.

    There are some truly funny and not too bright folks out there in la-la land.

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