Please Don’t Be Jenn, Please Don’t Be Jenn….

Check out HARD HITTING Nancy Green tackling issues. Alright!

Here is the link, since I don’t know how to embed it, for the video of that 18-month old smoking pot with some “adults.”

Or, in neat fashion…


Again, let’s hope that a certain, occasional, writer on this site had anything to do with this.

Now that we’ve all seen it, let’s get a reaction from other baby potheads.

Whoomp There It Is!

A Little Louder!

In other news….

“Oh God. That is totally Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom behind me. Ugh! If I have to hear him talk about viral videos and her talk about living on a giant mushroom one more time…”

They’re an item!!!!

Quick, ideal woman? Go!

High Five.

.el sway


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