Giving The People What They Want.

We’ve touched on this in the past, though I’m not really going to thumb through our archives looking for specific examples, but we are able to see how people get to our fine web-site through the terms and phrases they type into the old Google.  It’s pretty fascinating.  In fact, it’s so fascinating that we here at are going to give the people exactly what they’re looking for.  We present:  Giving The People What They Want (as headed above).

Here are the search terms from just the first few hours of the day….

Search Engine Terms

These are terms people used to find your blog.


Search Views
sepultura 4
up skirt 2
jyoti amge 2
you tube filmi s intimacy 2
dolly parton boobs 2
school girl up skirt 1
smallest bodybuilder 1
midget body builder 1
sea drawing 1
romeo gay 1

There you have it.  An interesting mix of search terms.  Some I can explain and some I just can’t.

Like, I know where all of those “midget bodybuilder” ones and that “jyoti amage” one came from.   And, of course, we ALL know that Sepultura fans find our web-site daily since we give them a “shout-out” each time we post and also submit interesting little known facts about them from time to time.

But, “up skirt?”  “School girl up skirt?”  Ok, I know where those came from and I apologize immensely for wasting your “precious” time while search for….you know….and coming across our c-tease of a web-site.

To make up for it, we give you this…

There’s a “sheath” in there.   And a “fly” skirt.

How about “Dolly Partons Boobs?”


Dolly Parton and a couple of boobs!  Yes!

This one is great:  “youtube filmi s intimacy.”

I don’t….um….how about this?

Was that what you were looking for?  Probably.

My most favorite, though, has to be:  “sea drawing.”

See, I’m drawing a blank here.   Is it “sea drawing” you want?  Well, sea drawing is what you’re gonna get!


Well, here is one I did myself.  Enjoy!

Lookout!  A Fisherman!  And, if you look closely, a “Fish Cop.” (note:  somehow when I uploaded it the picture got all crazy with the colors.)

Oh, that one fish has a “flavor saver.”  Still cool underwater!

So, thanks to all those stopping by looking for the items above.  I hope we were helpful.  If there’s anything else you want, please ask.


.el sway


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