I Just Like To See Her. Period.

I’ve been getting a Kick out of giving Knicks star David Lee a haircut all afternoon.  It’s fascinating what they can do with the Internet these days.

It then got me to thinking, “I need a haircut.”  Just somthin’, you know?  I want to look “real.”  But, what kind of hairstyle would work for me?  Oh, I don’t know.  Let’s ask Virtual Makeover!

(note:  I fucked up the picture and you have to pay to get a second one on there.  damn.)

Yeah.  That’s gold right there.  I went with the Anna Mercury, aka B-52’s lady in waiting.  What?  Some other drug addict is popular for that hair?  Weird, I had no idea.

Here is my “Singer-Songwriter” look.

Now I’m not so angsty, but more dancey…

Lookout, I love it!

My eyes are up here, boys!

But, the “winner”… My ideal look?

Outta My Way, bitches.

See what a little haircut can do to a man?

.el sway


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