World’s Largest Cellphone or World’s Smallest Girl.

I prefer the former to the latter. But, not Jyoti Amge, who, in all cases is the World’s Smallest Girl (that’s a title, so yes, I capitalized it).

Everyone got a kick out of the post on our close friend Aditya ‘Romeo’ Dev, so I will give you all what you want – more little giants.

If you would all stop looking at those girls’ pretty smiles you will notice little Jyoti standing knee-deep in school girls. Reader Joe Somebody adds, “up skirt!” Class act, he is.

That backpack sized girl is 15 years old, standing a staggering 1 ft 11 inches and weighing in at just 11 pounds. Essentially, she is one of Dolly Parton’s boobs. And I may just tattoo Jyoti on one of them to prove my point.

Hold the phone! Is that a slider? Dooope!

Here ‘s Jyoti beside a wheel!

We get it. She’s smaller than a wheel. I would have loved to have been at this photo shoot…

Hey! Ummm…Ohh! How about over by that wheel? Too big? No, that’s great! Lean on it like you’re chillin’ or something. You’re soooo relaxed.

Or maybe it was cooler than I imagine.

Let’s see….what else can we make her look small next to that looks small when carried around on our backs…hmmmm….

You made your point. This girl is tiny! So, we know what she looks like, but what is she like?

Like any other teenager, she loves listening to pop music and watching
DVDs and even hopes to become a Bollywood actress.

Yes, just like any other teenager. In fact, here is a photo of a bunch of aspiring Bollywood actors/teenagers.

Just like “us.”

Well, Jyoti, we wish you well in finding all of those little treasures life has to offer.

When asked if he was interested in meeting Jyoti, muscle man ‘Romeo’ Dev said…

You must be this tall to ride the Dev!

.el sway


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