In Which We Hope To Capitalize.

There is a ton of Internet chatter about kitchy little blogs, such as LOL Cats and such as Stuff White People Like, that are getting quite the hefty paycheck to turn their computerized writings into hand held books. So, we here at Lolabrigada are going to take a stab at finding the next new Internet craze and hopefully we’ll get a book deal out of it. Let’s take a stab at it…

Signs Hippies Hate.


Whoa! Man what a find, hippies. And, listen to your mother, ok?

T-Shirts With Dumb Questions


Ohhh!! What a simple question unable to be answered by a dummy. He is right above you. I mean, c’mon!

Ass Tattoos


Ohhh! Like from that bit he does

These are just a few ides to get us started. Let’s see which one takes off.

.el sway


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