Tales From the Marital Frontlines

Hey, Ben here. My long-awaited National League preview is coming real soon, but right now I have something more important to relay to you, the reader:

As some of you may know, I’m married. It’s just one of those things that happened, but far be it for me to bore you with cutesy tales about “the wife”. That’s not my style, but this particular anecdote needs to be told.

So, the other night, I was lying in bed next to the wife, who was asleep. I was not. I heard some vocal rumblings from the wife’s area of the marital bed, which is not unusual. She talks in her sleep on a regular basis, but usually its just semi-coherent ramblings related to her job as a science teacher. In fact, the majority of her dreams seem to have something to do with either a). setting up a lab, or b) getting observed in class by an administrator.

But this particular night in question was not like other nights. As my wife tossed and turned, two word uttered forth from her lips, and two words only. These two words were, in fact, a proper name. And here is the name she uttered:

Bryant Gumbel.

I think this anecdote works as it is, without further analysis on my part. This is what its like to be married, dudes. Just one baffling event after another, with no let-up.

Bryant Gumbel is the man my wife dreams about.


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