Weird Al Haikukovic, Vol. 3

Because when I start something, I finish it.

Volume 1 of this highly acclaimed series is here. Vol. 2, meanwhile, is right here.

Today, I will review Weird Al’s 7th, 8th, and 9th albums in haiku-form. Because I have to.

Off the Deep End (1991)

Pop Music, reborn/Weird Al is reborn as well/he parodies grunge

Alapalooza (1993)

A disappointment/and not just “Bedrock Anthem”/whole damn thing, really

Bad Hair Day (1996)

Didn’t play this much/But I’ve a younger brother/who really loved it

In our next installment: Running With Scissors, Poodle Hat, and Straight Outta Lynwood

If anyone has anything to say about Weird Al (anything at “al”), then please leave a comment. It would do my heart good to hear from a fellow traveler.

And, since I feel obligated to type more about Weird Al, I will close by saying that my friend Ted and I used to act out the “spoken word” section of “Gotta Boogie” (the second song on Al’s self-titled debut). You know, the part that goes:

Weird Al: You wanna boogie?

Female #1: No, man, I don’t want a boogie.

Weird Al: You wanna boogie?

Female #2: Get that boogie outta my face.

Weird Al: Well do you want a boogie?

Assembled multitudes: NO!!!

Weird Al: Well, I guess I’ll haveta haveta haveta to live with it.


One response to “Weird Al Haikukovic, Vol. 3

  1. That is sorta weird.

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