You, Me, and Dupre.

We’ve heard enough about Ashley Dupre, the high-priced hooker who was famous for “staying on as a houseguest with the newlyweds, much to the couple’s annoyance.” Is that how the story goes? Let’s pretend for a moment that the comments splattered all over the IMDB page for buddy flick, “You, Me, and Dupree” are actually about the hoppin’ good times that Eliot and Silda Spitzer are thrown into once Ashley Dupre enters their life. Take a journey with me!

Let’s start with the tagline:

Two’s company. Dupre’s a crowd.

I’m not even going to change that one. Dupre is, indeed, a crowd.

Let’s no take a look at a little plot summary written by the man who stands alone, Mr. Alejandro Frias. (Note: I’ve changed a few words here and there, so be nice.)

Eliot Spitzer, an governor, has just get (sic) married with Silda, and it seems that they’re about to begin their happy life together. Everything is going fine, until Dupre, the best man and Carl’s best friend a hooker, shows up to invade the couple’s intimacy. Eliot disposed to help his old friend hooker, giving him a shelter in the couch her penis, thinking that the whole thing will be for 2 or 3 days… the immature and lazy lady bloke spend the time playing with the children from the neighborhood …

And on it goes. I just needed to add that last part there because it made no sense at all. “Lady bloke,” I said!

Anyways, let’s take an intimate look at the “Memorable Quotes” this film had to offer.

Silda Spitzer: Did you know Dupree writes poetry?
Eliot Spitzer: What a homo.


Dupre: Eliot! Eliot! Wait, what are you doing?
Eliot Spitzer: I’m running… trying to gain my wife back!
Dupre: Eliot… you have it all wrong. I’m not trying to steal your wife. All I am is that loveable fuck-up that everyone can help. You are just the loveable guy that is lucky for having a wife like Silda.

I’m listening….

Eliot Spitzer: What you did in the bathroom last night was disgusting.
Dupre: I know, I’m never eating buffalo wings again.

Girlfriend, I am not going there.

What does “Mlawrencewyatt” think about this film?

I laughed with the rest of them when Dupree broke up Carl Eliot and Molly’s Silda’s intimacy because of his emergency with the “crapper.” The movie needs more of that, instead of trying to sustain drama and characters that aren’t there.


“bbagnall” adds:

Ya I liked this movie a lot too. The thing with the wife controlling things in a marriage, it’s not something new. You look back and once in a while there’s a wife who wears the pants among people you know. At least Matt Dillon’s character Eliot Spitzer wore the pants for the most part, didn’t he?

See, bbagnall.. Can I call you bagnall?… I have to respectfully disagree. I mean, unless you are insisting that Spitzer is a dry-humper. Which, is quite possible. I could see his “bitter beer face” getting all sweaty as he’s about to reach climax in his Brooks Brothers. I can absolutely picture.

Well, folks, thanks for having fun at the movies with me. I look forward to this scenario actually turning into a major motion picture.

.el sway


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