Look At Me, Leonard. Look At Me, Leonard.

The Sketchies are upon us! Excuse me, the second installment of the Sketchies are upon us. What are the Sketchies? It’s a sketch comedy video contest that groups, more motivated than yours truly, submit to be judged upon by a panel of heavenly YouTube Lords. Of course we didn’t submit one. We’re too busy writing Weird Al haiku’s. For real.

But, we do have favorites! Boy do we ever! First, though, let’s get these goddamn rules out of the way.

1) The primary topic of initial Video Submission must be about or prominently feature a ‘road trip’. For example the person(s) in the video will be taking a road trip, talking about a road trip and/or looking at pictures from a road trip etc.
2) A featured member of the cast in the initial Video Ssubmission must interact with a recognizable musical instrument such as a guitar, violin, piano, kazoo, oboe etc.

Awful. I hate reading rules, brah. Well, without further ado, friends, family, and Sepultura fans, we give your – our favorites.

Rue Brutalia.


Totally Awesome Victory.


We really hope you all win. After all, you made it on this web-site. You’re all winners.

“I am ninja, I can find car keys!”

.el sway


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