Look, I’m a busy guy. I have a comprehensive Minor League Promotions spreadsheet to maintain. I’m married. I have to walk to the subway every morning. And the avalanche of emails in my assorted gmail, hotmail, yahoo, and outlook accounts don’t answer themselves. In fact, they don’t even open themselves. They just sit there.

The exceedingly busy nature of my life is such that I often don’t have the time to do quality posts on this blog (including the dearly-beloved “Book Club” and “Haikukovic” series’).  Fortunately, genius streams forth from me at all times, even when I am instant messaging with my lover/enemy/muse Tom Lorenzo. Earlier today, Mr. Lorenzo inquired about what I was doing at work:

[15:29] awesomeben: everything and nothing
[15:29] awesomeben: the sum of existence
[15:29] awesomeben: encompassed in every work day
[15:29] awesomeben: that’s a haiku!
[15:30] awesomeben: everything, nothing/ is encompassed in each day/ sum of existence
[15:34] dumbtom: there’s a post
[15:35] awesomeben: Done

So, this is what passes for a post these days, apparently. It can only get better from here, folks. Or, at the very least, it can’t get any worse.

Or can it?


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