Weird Al Haikukovic, Vol. 2

I started this last night, and now, like all things that I have started in this life, I have to finish it. So here we go with part 2 of my now on-going series of Weird Al Yankovic haiku record reviews.

Today, we visit albums 4-6 in his still-flourishing career.

Polka Party (1986)

Four albums, four years/an unsustainable pace/side one is still great

Even Worse (1988)

Al needed a boost/and thankfully he got one/in form of fat suit

UHF Soundtrack (1989)

I’d like to point out/favorite original song/”Biggest Ball of Twine…”

Looks like the law of diminishing returns is setting in, even though I’m only half done with this ridiculous endeavor. In closing, I truly would like everyone to know that “Biggest Ball of Twine In Minnesota” is my favorite original Weird Al song of all time. The twine ball does exist, and I visited it in the summer of 2001 after graduating from college. “The Twine Ball Inn” referenced in the song is an actual business establishment, though it is a diner and not an actual inn. That was disappointing, because I would have spent the night there, for sure. 


One response to “Weird Al Haikukovic, Vol. 2

  1. I’m pretty fond of “Biggest Ball of Twine” myself. You’re doing great. Take a deep breath, and power on forward, a syllable a a time.

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