Must. Justify. Existence.

Goddamn it!

Isn’t this always the case? I log into this here blog with a real good idea of what to write, but then get sidetracked by some trivial diversion (in this case, responding to a comment left by my new hero/enemy Mikey Angels. See the Don Rickles post).

So now it’s past midnight, and I’d rather be winding down after a long day of writing about baseball and doing the laundry (21st Century middle-class urban American existence is tough, ain’t it?). But I feel obligated to put something up on this blog, both because I’d like to stay active as a”comedy” writer, and because I don’t want to stand idly by as becomes a third-rate Wire tribute site.

So what should I write about? In trying times like this, I’m going to have to go with what I know: Weird Al!

Specifically, I will now review his first three albums in haiku form.

Weird Al Yankovic (1983)

Hark! A new talent!/Mad and Dr. Demento/influence greatly

In 3-D (1984)

“Eat It” was a hit/but please do not overlook/first polka medley

Dare To Be Stupid (1985)

Classic title track/stylistic spoof of devo/I cry tears of joy

Okay, I can go to bed happy now. Thanks for making the disconnected musings of a nearly 30-year-old man-child a part of your internet itinerary on this fine mid-March Wednesday.



One response to “Must. Justify. Existence.

  1. Don’t rest on your laurels too soon, buddy.

    Three down, nine to go. 😀

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