Benny & Joon (Mikey).

By now you probably are not aware of the budding feud between Lord Mikey Angels and our very own sketch villain Benny Hill. It’s not necessarily worth reading up on, but our “hero,” Mikey, adds this to the most uncomfortable of comment conversation:

And me? I accepted because jackasses like yourself visit his page and then post funny little blogs with my name in them boosting my SEO presence and double my client returns.

You’re welcome. Yes, we fully endorse this man’s web-makings. He found our blog by “google searching” himself, so he clearly knows how to do that. Have him build yer webbie!


Now, Ben, in his typical fashion returned this sore volley with a stock response from the Ben files:

Anyways, thanks again for the response. Much better than the usual sycophantic “You guys are funny!” feedback from our little circle of NYC cronies. As for Lee Evans, I’m not familiar with him at all. I’ll have to check him out, and then meditate real hard on the feasibility of our two-decades-too-late comedic endeavor.

You guys are not cronies! Certainly I can speak for Ben when extend warm wet one for all those, Nando, who were offended by that statement.



Let’s move on then.  I have some important posting to do here!  Somewhere there is a joke that does not need to be over analyzed by some dude who has a penchant for google searching his name.  Forgiveness, please.

Cheers, now.

.el sway


One response to “Benny & Joon (Mikey).

  1. Of course I search for my name, how else would I find your awesome blog without you going to the effort of tagging my name in the relevant keywords beneath the title? Typing in your own name on google is what’s known as a ‘vanity search’. “Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the blogedest of them all?” M. Angels is, apparently. “Somewhere there is a joke that does not need to be over analyzed by some dude who has a penchant for google searching his name” Maybe, but I doubt you’ll find it in generic google/forum fodder type corny animal and baby pictures with huge point 24 impact typeface slogans such as “owned” or “gtfo n00b”. Come on now, I thought you people were professional comedians? “Ceiling cat” is not watching you folks masturbate, I can assure you of that. Honestly, I really don’t know why my own defense of my own name was such an all-encompassing trauma for you (people). Did it really captivate so much attention to warrant a slew of emails, blogs and passive aggressive caustic jibes at my expense? It’s my contention that whoever wrote this blog should wear a condom – because you nut-in-but-pussy. Say it real fast and be sure to stock up on some more of that excellent comedy material here:

    You’ll have to do better than this before I forgive you.


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