YouTube Magic Johnson: Dance Edition

There seems to be some major craze for shows that teach celebrities how to dance. I mean, dance shows in general just aren’t my jam, baby. I prefer a show about a poor ghetto kid who gets into one little fight and is sent to live with rich ghetto folks. That’s the butter to my bread! You know what else I dig? When they mash-up one of TV’s zaniest characters with one of life’s little treats.

Take a second to catch your breath. I know you were poppin’ along.

That was TV’s own Alfonso Ribeiro. Better known as this guy.

The video speaks for itself. Though, the one suggestion I can make is that you rewind the video back to the 52 second mark and simply just screech “weeeeeee” as you witness the joys of breaking. “Whoa!” Look at ’em spin! I know, for a fact, that if this were still available I would have purchased two, possibly three, after just the first viewing of this video. What? I need extras because they look like they break easily. “But that’s the point Tom!” Whut-oh, now we’re talking in circles! Annnnnd….scene.

Anyways, this video seems more helpful than Hilary Clinton’s Immigration Reform Plan! Zing! Let’s see how it’s helped many a middle class college student cut a rug….


Lookout fellas! …. A child!

White people are like (this), while black people are like (this).

Man this dude was funny. And a good dancer. But, I learned to dance this way..


.el sway


One response to “YouTube Magic Johnson: Dance Edition

  1. Tom, I can totally picture you dancing down the street like that, all frustrated and British.

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