Let’s Say Goodbye To the City.

Once again, we draw closer to the end of the most phenomenal show on television, The Wire. For fans of the show, the final episode, as you know, will not be shown On Demand. For fans of “doing things the old fashioned way,” (see: Ben) you are happy about this. I must admit it has been hard to peruse the “Just In” section of On Demand and NOT watch The Wire before it’s time. But, I’m proud of myself. This week, however, we’re all in this together.


On this past episode of The Wire, our heart-strings were gently pulled, then tugged, then gently pulled again. Again, this is not a Wire blog, so I will refrain from giving you all a rundown of the episode, along with my prognostication of what’s to come. I will say, though, the show has really started to wrap itself up nicely. It also made many men shed a tear, I mean, “baby, I got…garlic…in my eye….from these hot wings….and shit.”

Once again, I refer you to Shoals at Heaven and Here, along with the Columbia Journal Review, for your Wire fix.

We’ll be back later with more random observations on this:


.el sway


One response to “Let’s Say Goodbye To the City.

  1. oh, no un-alerted spoilers this week?

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