Intelligent Infinite Botts.

This comes with a genuine hat tip to our friends over at Deadspin. Ladies and Gentlemen, selection Sunday is upon us. The fine folks at Name of the Year give you, well, the 2008 “Name of the Year” competition!

Now it’s up to you. Print the ballot. Fill it out. Argue the merits of No. 1 seeds Destiny Frankenstein, Steeve Ho You Fat, Fabio Assalone and Reprobatus Bibbs. Debate whether Dom Perignon Champagne was robbed with a No. 12 seed or whether No. 5 Baffelly Woo can take out No. 4 Poony Poon in an inevitable second-round matchup.

Oh joy! Just before March Madness is in full swing, we now have something else to debate. Last year we saw Vanilla Dong win the entire tournament by a staggering 2000 points over second place finisher, Kyle Sackrider.

Now, I thought I knew a few folks with silly names: Mack Mackinernie, Boopsie, Dallas Dodd, Ben Hill, Rimrod and Slimslod, Arty Party, Jeans Weiss, and We Lick Dic. But, I stand corrected.

If I had to choose my favorites in this tournament, I would have to go with Fabio Assalone. However, I wouldn’t sleep on Othello Cheeks or, my personal favorite, Spaceman Africa. Bringing up the rear would have to be Fonda Dicks.


Listen, I don’t vote. I just don’t. My vote doesn’t matter…blah…blah…blah. Or does it? Last year Conceptualization Gibbs finished in 5th place, one spot ahead of Gertrude Nipple. His margin of victory? Ten votes. I could have made a difference. I could have gotten out there and rocked the vote. Or, I could have done exactly what I’ll end up doing this year; nothing, which is probably best.

.el sway


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