Home Sweet Home

Greetings, Lolabrigada.com readers. It is I, Ben, the most compulsively readable wordsmith that this fine site has to offer.

It’s been a long time since I’ve rapped with you, as me and the wife were on vacation last week. During this trying time, your friend and mine, Mr. Tom Lorenzo, held down the fort quite admirably. Tim and Jenn were unable to assist in this matter, unfortunately. Tim refuses to write for this site unless we pay him, and Jenn…well, she’s a woman. ‘Nuff said, right?

Anyway, I spent the bulk of yesterday getting up-to-date with my various email accounts, telephone answering services, and money-laundering schemes. It was all very overwhelming. And while the majority of the email messages I had to sort through were of the decidedly “junk” variety, there were a few that were illuminating and insightful.

One in particular really helped soothe my addled mind. It was from legendary Japanese vocalist Damo Suzuki, who became an international avant-rock superstar in the 70s as the frontman for Krautrock legends Can. I signed up for Damo’s email list when I saw him perform live in Brooklyn a few months ago, and I’m really glad that I did.

Damo starts off his missive to the masses with this intriguing thought:

“First month of the year is already gone. Time fly so quickly. Time is arrogant and time is ignorant. They never stop for our command.”

I am going to have this saying made into an inspirational wall hanging, one that will soon be available through the Skymall catalog.

Then, after noting that the death of his uncle occurred on the same day that his friend gave birth, Damo remarks “Life/Time is strange game…it brings strange combination…”

Again, another ready-made inspirational wall hanging. I’d pair this one with the image of a snake eating a much larger animal. Like, a goat.

Later on, in his diary of his most recent tour, Damo offers his thoughts on NYC. In a nutshell this is why I’m glad to be home:

“New York has magical thing. I’m not familiar to big city. But NYC is kinda “Something”.

Kinda something it definitely is, Damo. It’s good to be back.


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