So Quiet In Here.

So, Ben has taken off. He’s flown out to California to find himself. He’s like that. But, have no fear Sepultura fans and Ben’s Biz Boi’s, I’m here to ease you through these trying times. While you await Ben’s return, I give you this little gem:


Wow! There you have it. Not only does our famed Ben Hill share his name with a hack comic, Benny Hill, and his face with a hack comic, Dana Carvey, Ben now has a squad of four. Yes, Octone, Young One, Killa Chief and Killa Kaine are off da’ hook. Their “myspace” page includes the hit single, “Break Bread.” With such lyrics as ,

Break bread, nigga…. Now shake dem titties, shake dat ass! (Repeat 4 x’s)

It’s hard not to think that our very own Ben Hill is somehow NOT responsible for this. I looked into it further and found what seemed to be some solid evidence. This one comes from their hit song, “Do Yo Dance.”

Track And U Already Kno Im Wit Ben Hill Squad And I Can Break Dat B**Ch Back Plus We Franchize Niggaz And We Can Do It. (sic all around)

This has our very own Ben Hill’s cynicism and witty little abbreviations written all over it. I really think we’ve found what we came looking for. So, you can get yo’ Ben Hill fix in other ways this week. I’ll miss him as much as you. Well, at least I thought I would. That was until I came across these kind fellas.



.el sway


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