Love, Liza.

So, it’s Valentine’s Day. Nothing more to see here, right? Wrong! We love. We are love. Our good friends, The Impending Moustache, filmed a comedic video on “love” and what those in the sketch world perceive love to be. In fact, you can check out this video when they debut it at the PIT on February 21st at 9:30pm (plug!). So, I am not going to video blog about love this morning. I wanted to. Lord did I want to. Instead, I will tighten up my slacks and tap away at the keyboard as we present, the history of “Love.”

Adam and Steve– sorry, Eve, but it was, indeed, Steve who stole this young man’s heart. Don’t believe me? Well there is well documented proof. It’s all right here in a film by that lovable lap licker, Craig Chester. The story of these lovebirds revolves around a fascinating “twist.”

Months later Steve realizes that Adam was the Goth teenager with whom he had the embarrassing encounter, and breaks off the relationship…

Gross! Goth! So, let me get this story straight: God makes Adam and Steve. He makes Steve in his own likeness (goth). Adam is grossed out by goth kids but knobs him anyways. Years later, Adam and Steve hook up again, but both are “normal.” Got it! So, where’s the apple? Hold on a second…..I’m sorry?….Ohhhh. Orange you glad I explained that one to you!

Romeo and Juliet – Mercutio.*

Love – Arthur Lee fronted the 1965 psych-rock band Love. They released their “critically acclaimed” album, Forever Changes, in 1967. Arthur Lee fun fact:

At Dorsey High School, he was a tall teenager with dreams of playing basketball professionally.


Me and David Lee –

Ben and Donruss 1993 – Two words for you: Rated Rookie. Ben was/is all over that shit. Which is why, this Valentine’s Day, Ben is my Rated Rookie. No one rates better than you, Ben. Rookie or otherwise.

Me and You!- Here’s to a lifetime of love. No one’s been better to me than you. What do you say? Dinner tonight on me? Of course I knew you’d say “yes.” Because, after all, it’s always been just me and you, baby.

So, celebrate. Celebrate. Dance to the music. Because, for today, love is the most precious, and god awful, emotion ever created by the greeting card companies.

.el sway

* benhill: you know what word I like?
me: yes.

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