Little Big League.

This one was passed along by our good friend Erik Bowie.

I should probably file this one under “I Am Legend,” however, I’m not quite sure who is legendary in this scenario. Romeo, the tiniest body builder in the world, or the Erik Bowie tiny hands responsible for making this little outfit?


This “story” comes from the Daily Mail and profiles Aditya ‘Romeo’ Dev who, as mentioned, is the world’s smallest bodybuilder.

Romeo said: “I’ve been training as a bodybuilder for the last two years and by now I think I must be the strongest dwarf in the world.

Oh? Really? Bradley is none to happy about that!

His trainer Ranjeet Pal spents hours helping his 19-year-old protege build his small muscles to perfection.

“Because of his small size, I don’t assign him hard exercises. But Romeo trains more or less the same as anyone else and he’s much more determined.

Yeah. Great. This guy lifts my remote control and he’s weightlifting. I lift it and I am “just sitting there getting fatter by the hour.”

I think it’s great what you’re doing, Ranjeet. I also think it’s pretty neat having instant weights around at all time.


Similar to our tipster, Erik Bowie, Romeo here has a dream to one day perform on stage with a flashy pop star.

“My dream is to travel a lot – I want to perform in London with my idol, Jazzy-B.”

Jazzy B’s camp had “nah comment, boi.” Come on, man. Give the little guy a hand. Hell, put him in your hand!

So, this goes to show that anyone can be anything. In fact, today, I am claiming the fine distinction of being the heaviest blogger on this site. You want it? Come and get it, Hill.

.el sway


4 responses to “Little Big League.

  1. Jason Kidd to the Mavs > Jazzy B.

  2. Isn’t this basically a photo of Marc Cuban holding Jason Kidd? Same story, Z. Jack.

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