Behind the Transition: Sunshine de yah, a-time fi di bus ride.

A fun part about doing shows is making the oft well thought out “transition” CD adding some of our favorite songs which, at times, function as an added joke to a previous scene or serves as a precursor for the comedy scene you are about to witness. Other times, it’s just a damn good song.

The song we are going to look at today has been in and out of our transition CD’s for about 6 months now. Quite popular, in fact. It’s Leo Sayer’s “The Show Must Go On.” Fitting. The song started out, in Lola’s transitional world, as a shout out to our dear friend Todd D’Addario after a long listen to one of his ever popular Monthly Mixtapes. From time to time we tend to do this. The old, “we know you’re out there friend.” So, for Todd, Leo, CD’s, and see dee’s nuts, we give you… Mr. Leo Sayer.

Or, if you’d like a more family friendly version.

.el sway


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