This Station is Non-Operational.

I just wanted to pass this along to show that I/We, indeed, do have a heart. A collective heart. This was sent along to me by my best half and seems like fine idea. It’s a web-site called I just recently heard about it and it’s quite possible I missed the boat on this one, so bear with me (Rawr!). Here’s what they do:

FreeRice has two goals:

  1. Provide English vocabulary to everyone for free.
  2. Help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free.

There you have it! How do they do that, you ask? Well, they play a little vocabulary game with you and for every question you get correct they donate 20 grains of rice to help end world hunger. For everyone you get wrong they kill a hungry man (toats J/K). I like, wait, love this idea. All I have to do is get a few vocab words right and someone’s eating, on me. The problem? You have to answer vocabulary words correctly! Still, I managed to fill a rice bowl and I’ll certainly try my best to fill a bowl daily (Grow up!).

I always thought that I could be a humanitarian and give back to those in need. Though, I also always knew that Ben was doing enough good deeds for the both of us. I wouldn’t want to fuck it all up, so I sat back and watched. But, now? It’s on!

I too will donate. Yes, for every person who comments on this site, I will triple, NO, double (!) my rice output. I will take on 100 grains of rice for each commenter. That’s right, I don’t have to do something like this. But I am sick of Ben having a “little brother.” I am sick of Ben picking a Christmas wish-list from a Church in Harlem and buying a gift from it. I am sick of Ben spending the afternoon with single mothers in Brooklyn painting their houses and trying to “help” them with their self-esteem. It’s my turn to start doing things for the recognition. My mission? Rice! So, comment away. If you don’t, you’re only adding to the hunger problems in the world.


Just look at those hungry kids….

.el sway


2 responses to “This Station is Non-Operational.

  1. Wow… how noble, old Thomas. It poses, however, a question.

    You see, I just spent some time on and amassed a contribution of 3,000 grains. So, by my commenting and mentioning this, are you now required to donate 6,000? (After all, you said you’d double.)

    Just curious.

  2. Joe, if I was smart enough to donate 6,000 I would. I got up to 200 yesterday and it gave me a headache. But, I’ll try. I’ll let you know how that goes!

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