YouTube Magic Johnson

So this weekend was a long one. We had a fond farewell to out friends Slightly Known People. I got to see panty from a drunk girl whilst filming a music video about a homophobic man gettin’ a ball-down from his doctor. I also learned that that my dear friend, comic Steve Marcarelli, was paid this past week to put a microphone through the Ramsey family’s front gate while a psychic proceeded to ask JonBenet if she was still “hanging around.” Cute.

On the nostalgic front, I had a conversation with Dan Maccarone and Jake Goldman about historical events in our respective comedy endeavors and the October, 2006, run we did at that jazzy little number called Roses’ Turn in the West Village came up. For those of you who might recall, the run was called “Mixtape Schmixtape,” which was a 50 minute show where each and every scene was based entirely on a song. Our postcard, as well, was based on the Harry Nilsson album, “Nilsson Schmilsson.” The run was what it was. A few sold out nights. A few laughs. An introduction to Rim-rod and Slim-slod.

This show was perfect for us because Ben and I tend to write most of our scenes based on music and song lyrics. I know, inventive. There’s also been talk about a new and improved Mixtape run. We’ll see (-RK). But, one video I came across this morning I just had to watch over and over again. It had that affect on me that sometimes you get when you’re a sketch writer. That, “man I would have loved to come up with something as stupid as that.” It’s a great video and something that Ben and I should have thought of in 1982.

.el sway


2 responses to “YouTube Magic Johnson

  1. I was just talking about that Smokey Robinson video a couple of nights ago. Nothing like Sesame Street for a little sketch influence… if only I had watched more shows pertaining to forensic evidence or emergency rooms, I’d be rich.

    Here’s another one of my all time favorites:

  2. Smokey Robinson dressed up as Lionel Ritchie, being groped by the letter “U”. I will have nightmares, I think…

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