Keepin’ Tabs On Myriad Going-Ons

Howdy, folks. Ben here. It’s been a quite a few days since I rapped at ya. In the meantime, I hope you’ve been enjoying the idiot-savant stylings of good ol’ Tom Lorenzo. That man’s a peach, I tell ya. A goddamned peach.

Anyways, in addition to our usual clever philosophizing, pontificating, and slandering, we in Lolabrigada thought we should also take the time to update you, the reader, on what’s been going on in the world of us, Lolabrigada.

Well, we played two shows on Saturday. The first was at Bushwick’s Royal Theater as part of the Murderfist-curated “Brooklyn Underground Comedy Fest”. This show had days and days worth of top-notch performers, and we were honored to take part. In fact, the whole shindig got a nice little pre-show write-up in The New York Press, which is like the Village Voice except insufferably libertarian and reactionary right-wing instead of insufferably liberal.

Just kidding, we love The New York Press! Check out the link to the full article right here. Or, just meditate on the part that mentions Lolabrigada. See, we “are part of a promising crop of young sketch artists working their way through the New York City midcard on the marquee slot.”

Goddamn right we are. We are so immersed in that marquee midcard that it has become our professional livelihood. Our business, if you will. You know what that makes us, then: Biz-Marquee!

But we’re more than just a friend to other groups on the scene. We are their lovers and confidantes. Their emotional support systems, if you will. So, we were needed elsewhere in the city on Saturday night.

Leaving behind Tom and Jenn in Brooklyn to do God-knows-what, Tim and myself braved the L-ements and made our way to the P.I.T. for the Party Central U.S.A.-curated “Sketchubator”. This monthly show is great: seven groups doing one sketch each. No fuss, no muss. With help from Party Central’s Bri and Patrick, Tim and I sailed through “This Is My Box”, which has become a go-to scene in the Lolabrigada canon.

And that canon went off huge, son! Or at least reasonably well, as the show was soon over and I found myself in a strange position of not hating myself. So, based on that criteria, Sketchubator was a complete success. Thanks again to Party Central for putting us on the bill and then helping us out with the scene. That was above and beyond the call of duty.

What’s next for Lolabrigada? Well, I’m glad you asked! On Saturday, we will be doing a 10-minute set as part of Slightly Known People’s last-ever show at Rififi! It’s going to be a blowout! And man, will we ever miss playing at Rififi. It’s not like we in Lolabrigada are wizened veterans, but Rififi joins Rose’s Turn, Juvie Hall, and Mo Pitkin’s among venues we have played at that have since bit the proverbial dust.

The only reasonable explanation I can gather from all of this is that we are an unstoppable comedy force, destroying all in our path! Or perhaps it’s because relying on comedy to bring monetary revenue into one’s drinking establishment is a financially untenable situation. Either way, one thing is clear: we’re all just gonna keep on living tonight. There ain’t any other choice.


2 responses to “Keepin’ Tabs On Myriad Going-Ons

  1. This seems like a mash-up of Tom Savant and Ben Hill.
    -“And that canon went off huge, son!” (Tom) -“Or at least reasonably well, as the show was soon over and I found myself in a strange position of not hating myself. ” (much better, Ben)

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